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At ABS we know that nearly every industry relies on CNC machining for heavy fabrications. Machined parts have become increasingly more complex over time, and conventional machining is simply unable to meet these demands. CNC machining is a cost-effective solution that delivers:

  • Increased Uniformity: CNC machines execute the same program every single time for a given part - delivering precision, consistency, and quality.
  • Higher Production Efficiency: CNC machining is highly automated, resulting in more rapid production and increased efficiency – savings OEMs time and money.
  • Flexibility: CNC processes are able to fabricate geometries and sizes that would be impossible with conventional machining methods.

Mining Truck Spindles by ABS Inc.

Total Cost of Ownership

ABS offers a unique combination of medium to high volume production machining and welding services. Our team is committed to producing an un-paralleled level of quality and throughput, while also focusing on cost. ABS is well known in the industry for having one of the largest and most advanced pools of CNC machine tools. A large pool of tools allows for redundancy as well as specialized equipment for production runs. ABS Production Machining serves many fortune 50 and 500 companies, while ensuring the individual requirements of each client is met.
From the inception of all programs ABS assigns program managers who begin a collaborative review of all Quality, Manufacturing and Engineering requirements. Once this process is complete a final client mutual collaboration occurs prior to launch. Our in process manufacturing team, tracked with our ERP and Quality Department ensure a total customer satisfaction is achieved. With decades of supplier recognitions, for many critical components, ABS continues to be awarded programs globally, based on an solid commitment to quality, cost and reliability. From the inception of project ABS builds a team of program managers and specialists dedicated to the successful management of each project. Our multi-disciplined team of engineers, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical specialists, work closely with our clients to deliver a quality product, on time and in budget.

Why OEMs Choose ABS

Not every manufacturer can create quality heavy fabrications. These projects require specific tools, equipment, and processes as well as personnel with the right skills and expertise to handle such large structures. With over 50 years of experience serving a variety of industries, ABS offers OEMs proven experience, facilities, and know-how to safely and successfully perform heavy fabrication projects. In addition to expertise, ABS offers state-of-the-art technologies including 5-axis machining, robotic welding, and the latest software programs.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a manufacturing process that uses a computer to control machinery. The desired geometry and requirements of the final product are entered into a special software. Then, the software is used to control machinery operating conditions such as speed and location. The computer directs the CNC machine to execute the desired cuts with the machine operating like a robot. Common operations include lathes, routers, grinders, and mills. While most CNC machines operate on the X- and Y- axes at the same time, some advanced machines may have up to five axes that work in parallel, such as ABS’ 5-axis boring mills.

ABS: Strengthening Your Supply Chain

Optimization of the supply chain is a challenge for all OEMs. When it comes to outsourcing the various supply chain steps, OEMs need a trusted partner to help their business grow. ABS offers OEMs a breadth and depth of machining capabilities that most other shops cannot match. With over 50 years of experience, ABS combines state-of-the-art CNC equipment with decades of time on tools and machining know-how. ABS maintains a massive fleet of machinery comprised of dozens of duplicate pieces of equipment. This redundancy allows us to offer unparalleled versatility, nimbly adjusting operations as necessary to accommodate fluctuations in customer needs. We also consistently invest in the future with cutting-edge technologies, like 5-axis CNC machinery and the latest software programs.

The Value of DFM

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is the process of designing parts for ease of manufacturing as well as creating a better, more cost-effective product. The DFM process is especially crucial for heavy fabrications as these projects are typically large or oversized structures that are very heavy. Successful heavy fabrication projects must be designed from the beginning to be manufacturable. At ABS, we believe DFM is a vital product-development step that looks to simplify and optimize the design to ensure high quality and efficiency during fabrication. The goal of DFM is to reduce manufacturing costs and avoid costly disruptions without sacrificing quality or performance. DFM saves OEMs significant time and money. Companies are often in a rush to get a new part fabricated so it is tempting to shorten – or even skip – the DFM process. However, it is important to keep in mind that changes to the design become exponentially more expensive and time-consuming to implement as the product advances through the life-cycle. A thorough DFM upfront will allow optimizations to be made or issues to be resolved before the changes significantly impact the project timeline or budget.

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ABS offers a unique combination of medium to high volume production machining and welding services.

80 Large Advanced CNC Machine Tools

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ABS is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturing companies in North America.

6 Plants with lifting capacity up to 160 Tons

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The ABS 5-Axis machining department has been built from the ground up with our customers’ needs in mind.

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